I used to believe in destiny then I started believing in God. Through reading God word I began to understand some of the truths and see fate clearly. There’s totally nothing with having big dreams but whether they come true or not that’s not up to us. People’s fates are in God’s hand and that’s a fact. Our fates are preordained by God. People say “our fates are decided by Heaven” and that’s absolutely right! But does everyone who says that believe in God? Not necessarily! Whether you believe in God once people begin living in real world for a time they all start saying things like that, that proves that our fates are decided by heaven. Yes, people have to work their hardest. I think people have to do their best in every situation and work hard in the right direction even if you don’t reach your goal you have no regrets because you gave your all. When it comes to our kid’s education it’s a parent’s responsibility to encourage and push them. Parents should do what is best to reach their responsibility towards their children but we don’t have the final say on how they will end up. If you believe in God and read God’s word you will understand the truth and see more clearly; once we learn to do everything in our power and leave the rest to Heavens our lives become very relaxed. When you recognize that our fates are decided by Heaven, you will know how to fulfill your responsibilities. No matter what might happen you will be grateful to God.

oftentimes we think one’s destiny is in one’s hand, that knowledge can change your fate. It seems now to be wrong. People’s success and failure, wealth and poverty, life and death seems somehow predestined and not in our control at all. God dominates and manages these things.

When we don’t believe in God and follow the worldly philosophy we suffer so much, the suffering is endless! If people can worship GOD, understand the truth, if they can learn to pray and obey God, then they walk on the right path of life. When read God’s word everyday we can understand more of the truth and then we can learn to obey and worship GOD and we will have God’s guidance, blessings and protection in all things. WHAT A GREAT BLESSING!!! People who don’t believe in God, who struggle against their fates and pursue knowledge to change it they struggle in business, in societies in politics and also struggling just to survive; and they often exhaust themselves often at the risk of their lives finally they die like that. Such a life is extremely exhausting.

How many creatures are there living and reproducing in the vast expanse of the universe, following the law of life over and over, adhering to one constant rule. Those who die take with them the stories of the living, and those who are living repeat the same tragic history of those who have died. And so mankind can’t help but ask itself; why do we live and why do have to die? Who is in command of this world? And who created this mankind? Was mankind really created by Mother Nature? Is mankind really in control of its own fate? For the thousands of years mankind has asked these questions, over and over again. Unfortunately, the more that mankind has become obsessed with these questions, the more of a thirst he has developed for science. Science offers brief gratification and temporary enjoyment of the flesh, but is far from sufficient to free mankind of the solitariness, loneliness, and barely concealed terror and helplessness deep within his soul. Mankind merely uses scientific knowledge that the naked eye can see and the brain can comprehend to anesthetize his heart. Yet such scientific knowledge cannot stop mankind from exploring mysteries. Mankind does not know who is the sovereign of all things in the universe, much less does he know the beginning and the future of mankind. Mankind merely lives, perforce, amidst this law. None can escape it and none can change it, for among all things and in the heavens there is but One from everlasting to everlasting who holds sovereignty over everything. He is the one who has never been beheld by man, the one who mankind has never known, in whose existence mankind has never believed, yet he is the one who breathed the breath into mankind’s ancestors and gave life to mankind.

Mankind ancestors

He is the One who supplies and nourishes mankind for its existence, and guides mankind up to the present day. Moreover, He and He alone is whom mankind depends on for its survival. He holds sovereignty over all things and rules all living beings beneath the universe. He commands the season. He gives mankind sunshine and brings the coming of night. It was He who laid out the heavens and earth, providing man with mountains , lakes and rivers and all the living things within them. His deed is EVERYWHERE His power is EVERYWHERE, His wisdom is EVERYWHERE and His authority is EVERYWHERE. Each of these laws and rules of nature is the embodiment of His deed, and everyone of them reveals His wisdom and authority. Who can exempt themselves from His sovereignty? And who can discharge themselves from a His designs? All things exist beneath His gaze, and moreover, all things live beneath His sovereignty. His deed and His power leave mankind with no choice but to acknowledge the fact that He really does exist and holds sovereignty over all things.

Hip Hop as a Global Peace building Mechanism

Hip Hop ie Peace, Love Unity and positive fun being a universal culture that transcends all the boundaries of race, age, sex, beliefs, locality and social status is essentially a democracy- building practice. The cipher as a fundamental site of engagement demonstrates this foundational idea, practioners offering something they are putting into the center of the community cipher and something they are taking away ( the cipher is a circle formation in which members of Hip Hop culture gather, share, improvise, battle and negotiate their relationships to both one another and the culture verbalizing a unison declaration to the ensemble that is spiritually sealed and actualized with the collective utterance of the Yoruba word ‘Ashe’ commonly known as “WORD”. This cipher__dialogue merges through music, Art, dancing, Writing and political activism raising consciousness off issues related to diversity such as inclusion, cultural appreciation, prejudice, stereotyping, racism and discrimination.



______________________________________________As a comrade of Generation Hip Hop Global from East Africa I will representing the Hip Hop Global culture and its values of Peace, Love and Unity! 26 Generation Hip Hop member countries united artists like Kurtis Blow, Rakim, Mc Sharock, Roxanne Shante, Krs One, or Chuck D, in partnership with Universal Hip Hop Museum, generation Hip Hop global and the United Nations! A renewal of the Peace Declaration will be done! Don’t miss this world celebration on September 21! Streaming through Universal Hip Hop Museum YouTube channel!

We are waiting for them!

#GenerationHipHopGlobal #Humanity #HipHop4Peace


Founder of HIP HOP TO THE REFUGEE CAMPS PROJECT, Universal Zulu Nation-Uganda chapter, Co-founder of Youth Leadership 8 Africa, Programs Director of Generation Hip Hop Global-Uganda. Organizer of the events; Skillz East Africa, Afri-Cans Street Art Festival and a Member Service Representative of International Dance Council (CID).

An international underground Hip Hop Minister known for teaching Hip Hop culture to further its development and preservation as a Global urban culture of peace and prosperity; An educator, activist, creative facilitator and a grassroots community builder with a Honorary Associate Degree in the Ministry of Chaplaincy, Youth Services and Youth Development with 9years of experience building and working directly with multicultural children, youths and adults in schools, Youth camps, post conflict zones, educational centers, refugee camps, festivals equipping them with Life essential orienting and training them in leadership skills, community development, cultural gender norms, entrepreneurship, life skills, talent development and Hip Hop culture to develop self awareness and esteem there forth to freely express their talents and ideas regardless of background towards a unified community of self created responsible leaders and citizens.

Inspired and driven by my creative spirit dedicated to changing living and giving hope to the under privileged. I strive to promote positive social change to relieve human suffering through grassroots community building and social activism in collaborative partnerships and affiliations with both local and International organizations. Furthermore; I’m a break dance artist, beatboxer and rap-Emcee since 2012 rhyming mostly in indigenous language, a unique and powerful indigenous rooted style of positive spoken word to embrace and celebrate our native languages, cultures and traditions creating a spiritual ancestral experience of indigenous Hip Hop practitioners and leaders deepening their trans-formative Hip Hop practices, unifying and rebuilding communities. I am Hip Hop !!!


Whether light, whether dark, whether mixed, there’s only one of you. Don’t waste your time thinking that you’re not good enough. Don’t waste your time thinking that you’re ugly. Don’t waste your time because somebody else is thinking the same thing. If you’re thinking you’re beautiful, you can pass it off to. And beyond my skin color , I contain all of humanity in my heart and my mind, my flesh, my blood and my bones, and I am proud of that fact. You should be, too.

Hip Hop Educator Chandia Lucky


The cipher is a circle formation in which members of Hip Hop culture gather, share, improvise, battle and negotiate their relationships to both one another and the culture verbalizing a unison declaration to the ensemble that is spiritually sealed and actualized with the collective utterance of the Yoruba word ‘Ashe’ commonly known as “WORD” or THERE IT IS .

Hip Hop Educator Chandia Lucky


As we are going through this Covid-19 global pandemic which has undeniably caused a dynamic monumental shift in every arena of life with extensively negative outcomes thence humanity still thrives for survival regardless. Now the question is; In this process, What are you currently doing to cope up with the situation to further your work services and the school administration objectives !? cause truthfully, life’s demands are constant and so as a business you need to keep shape in order to stay in the game. Personally, being that we are in an era of exclusive technical advancement am taking advantage of social media and online marketing to maintain communication and engagement with my customers; you can use internet to boost your business, reach your customers to sell your products and keep them updated of your services while eventually keep earning money.

According to the recent research by the World Health Organization, many people are being traumatized with depression due to panic and fear caused mostly by the information they receive from several media sources and by the fact that thousands are dying of corona virus as many are losing their beloved ones. With that being said; How are you as the administration and parents prepared for this when the quarantine is ceased ? what’s the aftermath, what are the measures and outlined strategies set to recreate a safe space and atmosphere for your students to heal, restore their vibes and energies to rejuvenate from the consequences of this global pandemic? How will you be able to prepare their human trinity of mind, body and spirit ready for class lessons? Well, gladly enough! I think I have ideas that could be of used to answer the above questions and I hope you buy the ideal…… In accordance to my personal experience of 8 years in community building and leadership skills training using Arts particularly from Hip Hop culture, Arts education has been means of developing critical and creative thinking and as therapy for both physical and mental disorders. Arts has also been argued to enhance performance in non-arts academic subjects such as mathematics, science, reading and writing, and to strengthen student’s academic motivation, self -confidence and ability to communicate and co-operate effectively. Arts such as music and dance can be used as mediums to ignite inner peace, joy and harmony if incorporated and this is what I often use in my creative facilitation as youth worker. If you think my idea would be effectively relevant to your school and students please reach out equipped sufficient artists to provide and implement such an idea. This is the time for the Education system to trust us with their students and high time that Artists should upgrade and modify their skills and knowledge to heal our people as they earn. FOOD FOR THOUGHT

“ Hip Hop saves Lives “


A Hip Hop Minista is a live person, full of energy. A Minista lead simple lives: great in love , great in life and great in God’s work ! For when you fully and truly realize that Hip Hop is the name of your activity in the world you shall wake up and take more responsibility for how Hiphop Kulture ( YOU ) is perceived in the world beginning with the way in who you personally think, speak and act regarding yourself, your community and your future as Hiphop. This realization causes one to become a Minista for Hip Hop . I AM HIP HOP !!! I AM A MINISTA OF/FOR HIP-HOP CULTURE !!! ~ Gospel of Hiphop ~